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Simplify help


The simplify command tries to rewrite a given expression in the 'simplest' form possible. This involves collecting like terms, canceling common factors within fractions and generally trying many different transformations on an expression until it comes down to the most compact form possible.

To use the simplify command, simply go to the basic simplify page, type in your expression and hit the "Simplify" button. Your question will be automatically answered by computer and the reply will be shown in your browser within a few seconds. If you would like more control over how your question is answered, try the advanced simplify page, where there are some options which allow you to customize the command.


Here are some examples illustrating the types of expressions you can use the simplify command on and the results which QuickMath will return.

Expression : (1 + 2 x + x^2) / (x + 1)
Result : 1 + x

Expression : sin(x)^2 + cos(x)^2
Result : 1

Expression : (k^2 + k) / (k + 1)
Result : k

Expression : (x^2 - 1) / (x^2 - 5 x + 4)
Result : (1 + x) / (-4 + x)

Options (advanced page only)

Trig functions

Values : checked or unchecked
Default : unchecked

When Trig functions is checked, the simplify command will carry out trigonometric as well as algebraic transformations.

Simplify fully

Values : checked or unchecked
Default : unchecked

When Simplify fully is checked, QuickMath will try harder to simplify the expression you submit. The downside is that the command takes longer to execute, and therefore may exceed the CPU time limit.