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Quadratic equations

Applications of Quadratic Equations

This tutorial shows how to solve application type problems using quadratic equation.

Quadratic Equation & Its Solutions

This tutorial explains the concept of quadratic equation and how to solve it by completing the square and also using quadratic formula.

Different methods for solving quadratic equations

In this article we will learn about quadratic equations and it's solution by factoring, method of completing the squares, quadratic formula and problems related to quadratics

Quadratic equations, it's applications and other type of[..]

This article will explain quadratic equations and it's applications.

Quadratic relation, parabolas : translations and[..]

This article covers quadratic relations, graph of quadratic equations, parabolas, it's classification and applications.

Solving Quadratic Equations by factoring, applications[..]

In this article you will learn about solving quadratic equations by factoring, applications, and word problem solving techniques with some examples